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About Dr. Tagelbahaa

Dr. Tagelbahaa Bahnassy

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I was graduated from Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt. Moved to UK,done my preregistration year and worked as an Anesthetist for 8 years then joined general practice for so many years becoming specialist in general health and well-being, child care, women health , diabetes , asthma , and medicine for old age.  In 2005 I became intrested in Homeopathy and found it very fascinating subject and developed passion towards Homeopathy and started studying in Royal London Homeopathic Hospital obtained MF Hom in 2009.

During my years of studies I developed link with very famous Homeopathic Doctor in England and India Dr Subrata Banerjea ,I became his very loyal student followed him everywhere,I joined him in his postgraduate course  which he runs every 2 years.I am now in my fourth time postgrduate course, he encourges me and supports me during my studies, Also Every year  I join him in summer school for one week in England  which include homeaopath from around the world ,also I joined him four times to his yearly Kolkata ( India) course where you can learn simple homeopathy with heavy pathology and quick prescribing. . I ow all my learning and passion for Homeopathy to Dr Subrata Banerjea.